Photo of the Day: Fat guy in spandex

fatguyinspandex-1-01.jpg It’s been a while since we ran a photo of the day, until I saw this photo from Swobo’s blog … Oh yeah! Reminds me of Chris Farley’s Fat Guy in a Little Coat.


man, Bennati really put on some bloat during the post stage-win party. Whew….

During the height of STP season and the tour, I’d see various fat guys in spandex and the best are in yellow jerseys.

Holy strained Spandex Batman, She’s about to blow.

Don’t go near him with a porcupine in your pocket….

also, being on the lampre squad, I bet he’s riding [a 15-pound Wilier]( with Record, and a stem that points straight up to the sky.

I climbed the Tormalet a few years back and at the little cafe up top was a Telecom bus with a FLEET of team Pinarellos.  I went inside for my recovery ice cream (what else?) and found the place packed with guys wearing the magenta Telecom (now T-Mobile) outfits - some stretched almost as bad as this guy.  Seems a lot of the sponsors do boon-doggles for their execs.  In the states its world-match-play golf championships.  In Europe they opt for something a little more strenuous.

I talked to a couple of the people in the group.  Every year they get the top execs and clients together to ride, fully supported, along part of a stage.  They were going to hop in the bus, head to the hotel, and then get ready to watch the stage the next day.  Not a bad “day at the office”.

I think he would look better in a Michelin Jersey.

Man, that Lampre kit really makes you look fat.

As long as he is riding, who cares?

It’s a humorous photo—and I’m hoping to get a photo of the big woman little bike that I’ve been seeing riding along Alki. I think she may travel here for work. She’s quite large and rides a little folding bike, with the smallest wheels. She’s friendly and nice and I agree, I think it’s great that anyone is out their riding.

This guy is out riding. He knows he looks fat and he does not care cause he enjoys riding. You would be happy if he hid in his house? The road is only for thin beautiful people? Maybe you can find some photos of a burn victim or an amputee and laugh about that also. Shame.

Sure and none of the comments above are mean or mocking, as I noted above.

I think a jersey that tight would be really uncomfortable for a burn victim.  But it looks good on the guy in the photo.

i know it’s pretty funny. but i’m a fat guy too and one good way to get in shape is exercise. the thing about cycling is that it requires some tight clothing. i try to keep it as baggy as i can so i don’t look too gross, but i my friend made me realize that feeling bad about myself was keeping me from cycling.

so i’m gonna wear what i have to to get out there and ride. you can laugh, i look a little funny, but it’s harder (emotionally) for a fat guy to get out there than a fit guy. plus we’re all there to ride and have fun. same team, guys.

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