Photo of the Day: Erck

Erck in New Zealand …



Nice.  Any idea where in NZ that is?  It’s nice to see a photo of riding in NZ that doesn’t have the whole “hey, look at all this amazing scenery!” thing going.  I just look at this and think “Man, that looks like they’re having a nice ride.”  Also, that sort of road cut through a hillside is a _very_ typical NZ scene - very evocative.

—Jack in Wellington

It’s a great shot, also see [this gallery]( from Murray Neil’s tour on a sport utility bike.

Hi guys, glad you like our site! The picture was taken on the South Island, a little south of Motueka. I think it may have been on the Motueka Valley Highway (which was one of our favorite cycling roads), but I’m not sure.

James and Sarah,

Great to hear from you. Bill at EBB tipped us to your blog and photos. I also posted [here about your trip]( Pam and I toured South East Alaska together for our honeymoon. We did it credit card style, riding from town to town.

What’s been the most interesting? And how are the bikes? I understand Sarah got a new Rivendell?

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