Photo of the day: Borat at the Tour

Borat makes an appearance at the Tour de France motivating the riders to pedal a few strokes harder or at least forget their pain while laughing (where’s the Angel to purge that scene from our minds?). Here’s another shot.

What’s your favorite crazy fan? Spiderman from last year was good, as well as hook ‘em horns from 2 years ago – the guy with the long-horn hat that’d run next to Lance.


(Photo credit FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)



My name a Jonny the Monkey - #1 most famous celebrity in all Kazakhstan. Good friend Borat still only #4, even after great success movie film…

Jonny want to FYIs that Borat actually *IN* that race, howevers National Kazakh Velocipede Commission only afford buy him Astana t-shirt jersey (that he holding up in photo picture)- but not have money buy actual bicycle.

So Borat have to run on foot insteads, and later say he get burst of speed and lead race by pretend he be chase by Jew. 

Unfortunates have to stop soon after because mankini begin to chaff him’s anoos.


NOTE:  This comment was ‘hand signed’ by Jonny the Monkey to his gypsy assistant Batyr, who then translated and posted those words here.

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