Photo of the Day: Adventure Travel Bike

Built for a tour of Denali National park, this Adventure Travel Bike features S&S couplings, the biggest knobbies ever made, lots of room for fenders, campy shifters, and an XT drivetrain. Bonus is the retro paint. More photos in the Hugga photostream



do you plan on putting racks on this? or is Adventure Travel the same as Credit Card touring?

That bicycle makes me happy on all sorts of levels.  Obviously all kinds of little details I would do differently, but the intention and look of the bike is brilliant.


Clarification that’s not my bike—it’s a customer bike at Elliott Bay, built by Bill Davidson and I thought it was soo cool, I asked if I could take some photos and post.

My travel bike is [the Modal](/tag/modal) and that’s being built I think next week. We’re going to feature it with videos, photos, the whole deal.

I’m calling it an Adventure Travel Bike cause it’s purpose-built. An example, as Bill told me, is that the customer rides campy, so they worked out the shifting with Campy and XT Drivetrain—[Jtek Shiftmates](

I don’t know specifically if it’s a credit card tour, that is how Pam I do it, but the bike was built to tour [Denali National Park](, which is all rough gravel roads and thus those bad-ass [Schwalbe Marathons](

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