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A bicycle commuter in Seattle versus cars, by Mike Kane/P-I.

More on cycling in Seattle, Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan, and the “more than 900 riders have been injured and 5 killed in accidents since 2001.”


I’m sure it was well intentioned, but this commuter is terrible!  He’s riding in the crosswalk, on the LEFT side of the road.  I’m not sure if this is illegal in Seattle, but it sure is unsafe.  Drivers are not expecting anything moving as fast as a cyclist in the crosswalk.  If you are hit while riding your bike in the crosswalk, YOU are liable, not the driver.  Plus, what’s he gonna do when he gets to the other side?  Continue on the sidewalk?

This will get you yelled at, or perhaps ticketed, here in Tucson, and rightly so.  Remember kids: ride on the RIGHT side of the road, and if you do use a crosswalk, walk your bike.

The photo was posted in context to Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan, not as a “how to” be a better commuter, and indicative of the challenges a city like Seattle faces in making it safer for cyclists and more livable. Click through to the article the image is from and read about car/bike collisions.

Josh’s point are good…except for this picture because there’s a lot of details left out.  It’s not posted on bikehugger, but in the article it explains that this intersection is where the Burke-Gilman bike trail crosses its busiest road, and this crosswalk is the only way across.  The trail continues on either side of this intersection.  Byron should know this spot well - it’s where our team meets for rides. 

That’s right, that is the intersection. And to Josh’s points, yes they are good. This POTD was reflecting the current posting we’re doing on the Bicycle Master Plan and the front page article on the PI about the 600 injured cyclists and 5 deaths.

I cross that intersection regularly; every so often you get a driver who turns without checking for traffic along the Burke.  I keep a wary eye out for them, as I’ve had one or two close calls there in that situation.

Thousands cross that every day, as the article says, but I didn’t know that many crashes have happened there.

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