Performance Couture

For those of us yearning for clothes we can wear on the bike and right into the office, especially when traveling, Performance Couture by Nona Varnado is another option.

Inspired by global travels and balancing a busy life of business and sports; Performance Couture is an evolving collection with collaborators, suppliers and stitchers in cities from Budapest and Berlin to New York and San Francisco.


We travel with and wear of combination of clothes from Prana, Ibex, Hincapie, Novara, et al. It’s encouraging to see a designer focus on cycling in an urban collection. We expect to see more choices in 2010 and 2011, as the market catches up to the consumer wanting more stylistic choices in technical wear.

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I don’t know how well this is going to end.  Looking like a dork in functional gear is expensive enough for the people resigned to it.

I would hope it’s just regular clothes made from technical materials and what I do with Prana. That’s just a light travel fabric with button up cuffs. So add a pad or gusseted crotch and there ya go. The danger here is if it gets to “fashionable” and what TwonFro is doing with bespoke clothes. So you want to dress like Gary Fisher, they’ll hook you up. The problem is the industry aligns cyclist down “type of rider” lines without considering that maybe some commuters would like a performance jacket that wasn’t traffic safety yellow. Or same cyclist that races also commutes and travels . . . We’re way less delineated that we think; especially outside of the US. Also note that commuters are every bit the gear head—they’re just doing it with lights and softshells instead of Assos shorts and Raffa caps.

Another good example is Cargo and riding upright, which means that the water in a rainstorm pools in your crotch. Sorry not gonna wear a cape—thought we’ve seen prototypes for them in 2010/11.

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