Pencil Skirt

Regarding the skirt, Julie Mack says, “this skirt was easier to bicycle in than I thought it would be.”

Uploaded by Julie Mack | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


wait, is that a skirt made for biking, or just a regular ol’ pencil skirt? cuz i looooove my pencil skirts, but always thought they would be tricky to ride in. perhaps i’ve been missing out all this time.

Just a regular AA pencil skirt, according to Julie, with the right amount of elastic to work. Don’t wear skirts myself, but would think you’d need the proper technique to not Lindsay Lohan-crotch-shot the mount/dismount.

It’s a jersey pencil skirt from AA; it’s got a little bit of give but I’ve also managed in non-stretchy pencils (definitely NOT as easy). It definitely takes some proper mounting/dismounting techniques. You can also see I have a very low cross bar which also make it easier as does riding upright (hooray commuter bicycle!). I don’t think I would have tried this skirt on my old roadbike. On the plus side, the wind doesn’t marilyn-monroe my skirt like an a-line/fuller skirt.

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