Pedal Power on KOMO TV

KOMO TV, Seattle’s ABC affiliate, reported tonight on the 8K (and growing) bike commuters on Seattle streets and how that’s expected to grow with high gas prices or downed overpasses like in San Francisco. It was a good report, especially on the eve of Bike Month.

Are you riding to work more now because of gas prices? What’s your BIke Month plan? And how are our San Francisco readers?


DL Byron,

I just spent 4 days straight peddling my 925 through San Francisco. My brother and I spent some time together riding drinking java
and meeting alot of very nice people. Thai food was the food of choice on this 4 dayer.
It seems to me that I saw more biking than ever in the city,everywhere you looked you saw bikes.
If the bridge collapse causes some people to commute by bike more than usual or for the first time they should fall in love with it because they will realise just how much more convenient it is than driving a car in many ways.

Thats enough from me,
San Fran Cup

I pass a poor girl who rides her 9.2.5 up Juanita Drive (Kenmore, WA) in the mornings.  I’m usually bombing down on my way to the office as she struggles to get 40rpm with her gearing.  I imagine I look just as pained in the fall when I break out the fixie and have to slog my way home at night.

I saw “back to the future” this weekend. He’s the engineer guy with the home-made aero recumbent who hits like 40 plus MPH down Alaskan way. His new thing is the addition of a trailer, all-aero’d up—for his kids. I usually see him about once or twice a year.

I saw him yesterday coming down the University Bridge.  Gotta love local cycling legends.

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