Pedal Power Booth

Delta 7 Sports and Miōn Footwear partnered to power their booth at the Outdoor Retailer show with a mountain bike. Scott emailed me about it and we got a photo from Delta 7 Sports. Show attendees, employees, and anyone else they could find, attempted to pedal more than 3,000 watts of electricity per day


a couple notes

  • Interbike! Maybe for a few turns of the pedals, booth attendees can escape the fact that they’re in Vegas – then be reminded on the fun-ride monorail.
  • Perfect karmic task for the a-holes at Gizmodo – they should have to pedal power Motorolas booth at CES for their mean-spirited stunt.
  • And we thought the bike blender was cool – you could have one of these pedal-power setups running a blogger lounge and recharging cell phones.

Admittedly, we lack Mountain Bike coverage here, but did notice the Arantix in the photo. It takes about 300 hours to build that IsoTruss structure with carbon fiber. And only 200 hundred are being built this year.


It’s 3000 watt-hours per day.  3000, or any number, of watts per day is nonsense because a watt is a unit of instantaneous power.  Example: cyclist riding at a reasonable speed requires 100 watts of power to maintain that speed.  In 10 hours of cycling at that speed, that cyclist will have spent one kilowatt-hour of energy.  Writers often get this wrong, and it’s one of my minor goals to correct each and every one of you on this!

Good correction from a watt watcher . . .

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