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In the first few Bettie rides, I joked with Eamon and Pam that you could hook up a push mower to the back of it and ride around mowing your lawn. Well, waddya know, Peter from the Chinook Cycling Club, took this photo of a lawn-mower bike in Walla Walla and there’s a website, a patent, and another photo.

See now, where those are all flawed, is the grass clippings are going to go right into your face. In my Xtracycle version, you’ve got the mower behind you.


When you pull, the mower is able to hop up and down, not getting good, consistent traction.  Having it up front allows your own body weight to keep the mower consistently grounded.  A big fairing type apparatus to keep the clippings off of you would be just the ticket.


Whichever mowers work best is what I want. All serious inquires contact me about pedal powered mowers. Thank you.

While we joke and that’s a funny photos, you could see mowing your acreage with a pedal bike, v. gas-powered Co2 machine.

Why would the clippings get in your face on that mower when they dont on a regular reel mower where your face and body are almost in the same position????

are you selling these?

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