Paths to Nowhere

Ever find yourself at the end of a bike path and riding right into traffic, railroad tracks, or sidewalks or car doors? It’s a definite problem and the Seattle Parks Foundation has announced Bands of Green, an effort to make create more loops from existing paths and trails.

Hopefully they’ll coordinate the bands with the Bicycle Master plan and such topics as wayfinding.


Hi — just found bikehugger. I’m in Seattle and getting ready to build up a couple xtracycles. Lots of good stuff here —-

I liked your note to include wayfinding in the plan. It’s a definitely a worthwhile area. I’m really interested in crossover wayfinding that blends web-style IA, user-centered design, and architectural practices for use on brick and mortar public spaces. A good example is the work MAYA Design did for the Carnegie Pittsburgh Library. MAYA’s site is down, but Peter Merholz has a pretty good post about it on his blog

Hopefully something like this can be employed to drive pollination between users, planners, dreamers, and city officials to make this plan be everything it should (but without forcing susceptibility to the typical Seattle problem of trying so hard to be everything to everyone that it ends up being nothing exciting for anyone.). Tough balance, I know. Note to Seattle: user-centered doesn’t mean all users - just the important ones.

Oh, and since I live in the city and ride, I mean me ;-)

Thanks Tim and on that, I say if there’s no tunnel option for the viaduct, tear it down, and make it a grand space for a pedestian and bicycle friendly city.

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