Paris-Roubaix—The hell of the… ducks?

Truth be told, I don’t follow much bike racing, but there are a few I watch out for every year. Paris-Roubaix The Hell of the North is on the list. I hold the racers up along side the sailors in the Vendee Globe solo ocean sailboat racing in terms of sheer lunacy, bravery, and effort. Check out this classic finish from 1985 to see what i mean – Greg Lemond looks like he’s lost a mud wrestling match at around 6:30 minutes. Tom Boonen won this year, showing some powerful sprinting in the velodrome, some pictures here.

American and NYC product George Hincapie unfortunately did not, having a mechanical with only 56km to go. Bikesnob NYC replays the entire drama for you, with ducks. Seriously. Go check it out, I nearly fell out of my chair.


I guess Lemond wasn’t so “clean” after all.  Bwahaha.  (Thanks, I’ll be here all week.  Try the veal. Don’t forget to tip your waitress.)

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