Pam and Palin: Miss Alaska 1984

While off-topic, this story is related in a degrees of separation way – while recovering from the “ride with George Hincapie” day (that was totally NOT a recreational-ride pace …), I was reading a NYTimes article on Governor Palin and showed Pam her Miss Wasilla 1984 photo. Pam (the Mutha Hugga and wife) looks and says, “wait a sec, I know her, I competed with her in Miss Alaska!”

A few minutes of Googling later and yep it’s true: Pam competed in beauty pageants with Palin in the 80s. Back home in Seattle, Pam scoured the basement archives and found the photos


one day riding with famous bike racers and the next she’s connected to the Palin narrative.


Awesome! I love the hair.

It was great to meet you both this past weekend. Hope to see you next year in Greenville.

There’s story about the hair: they put so much hairspray in her hair to counter the effects of the V05 oil treatment the night before and I suppose the Jean Nate body splash/Nair leg treatment as well.

And thanks for the hospitality James. We had a great time and we’re coming back.

Wow… This is hilarious. Nice archive find.

Wow, does this mean that Pam is next in the line of succession?

Possibly yes   . . . there must be a pageant succession bylaw.

sidenote: I’d love it if Pam wore her hair like that again; maybe just a one-time exclusive for a Holiday party or something.

You guys are the karmic hub of the great web of American subcultures.

How cool is that photo!

Excellent—that’s the best summation!

Being from Indiana this makes me a virtual expert on hair like this. Yes they still wear it that way and up until a couple years ago my mother did as well.

It’s what we like to call…. Hoosier Hair!

I am told that this is still very much the style in MI and NJ.

Hi Pam!  I was Miss Anchorage in 1984 and competed with you guys too-live in Mill Creek now - I’m in the second picture - the blond turned sideways - I remember Sarah as a lot of fun and you were a great gal too - who knew that speech and wave practice would come in THAT handy!  Pretty cool, huh!  Blessings!  Becky

Did Pam have the biggest hair?

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