Tour 08 Snark: Week One

  • What is Saab going for with that “turbo” commercial? Annoying to get attention like those HeadOn ads? “apply directly to the forehead. apply directly to the forehead. apply directly to the forehead.”

  • Phil’s been despising the use of race radios for like 100 years now.

  • Bobke and Hummer don’t got the spark like Trautwig and Bobke did.

  • It’s one thing to make a statement with your coverage and another entirely to run a “backwards” ad that shows a champion who’s not been found to dope and is still racing. Zabel should not be in that ad.

  • Why no women reporters covering the tour, the towns, the human interest? Is Le Tour a boys club?

  • I’d like to see “Tapout” get on bikes and ride up a climb in their clothes line.

Other notes:

  • New iTV podcast
  • The cameras and Tour coverage gets better every year
  • I’d like to see an unabridged ask Bobke thread and I’d ask:

Bobke: How do you reconcile the fact that Lance turned his back on the sport after not finding a sponsor for his team and 9 months later, we’ve got two American squads with big sponsors?

Bettie @ Bizjam

Bikes welcome at Bizjam Seattle 08.

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Summer Seattle Velocouture

Summer Seattle dapperness. More about Vélocouture, after the jump.

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Globe concept bike

A bike we’d love to see go from concept to market …

Uploaded by hugojcardoso | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

Versus: F-bomb, El Dope Penis, and more

Vaughters dropping the F-Bomb on Vs. live tour coverage today reminded of some other inappropriate things we’ve seen. Including

  • Various racers peeing off the bike – that’s a given, watch for it (or don’t)
  • El Dope Penis graffiti - In the Lance days, you could always spot a large, dripping phallic/syringe symbol on the mountain stages
  • Punching fans – I can’t remember who, but did see a racer stiff-arm a fan that got too close.

My all-time fav besides the Longhorn dude, is Borat from last year.

Honorable mention is “nervous Sheryl Crow,” while not really shocking, just the camera lingering on her was not something you see in every tour. Also, while I’ve tried, I still haven’t seen any girls flashing the peloton. I’m sure that has to happen at some point.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen or heard in the Tour coverage?

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