Wheeeeeeee Ludicrous Speed!

Kid 1 gets the camera to record the ride to school on Bettie. After the slow, grinding climb, we hit Ludicrous Speed on the descent and that’s a big wheeeeee!

Note: this ride is performed by experienced cargo bike cyclists and passengers. Please don’t try this at home.

She complains about how slow we go, until we go fast. Oh and we have an agreement that I drop her off a block from school to prevent mortal embarrassment.

Also, we need to get one a Speed Vest to proudly display our speed.

Huggacast 60: Cross Tips 5

Tim Rutledge of Redline teaches us his Secret Cross Tips. This is Part 5 of 5 and covers “Tipping the bike over the barriers.”



StarCrossed - Fan friendly Cyclocross

NACTStarcrossed is a fan favorite to kick off the cross season in Seattle. It’s part of the new North Americal Cyclocross Trophy. This video will give you a little sense of what you’ll see if you make the trip out to spectate (or race?).

Did I mention there’s a beer garden right by the most treacherous barriers?

Marymoor Park, Redmond Washington Saturday Sept 20. Feature race at 8!

Google Maps Apps @ uBRDO

7 Hills of KirklandScotty over at uBRDO sent us a link to a new feature on his store site - a Google Maps Photo GeoLocator.

I did something like this a while back to associate latitude/longitude data with a Google map, then associate photos too it. The hard part? Getting Lat/Long associated with the photos in the first place. The ubiquitous iPhone. It uses triangulation software to approximate a location. I’ve used a GPS enabled camera, but again you face the limitations of line-of-sight. I’d love to build something like this for Vegas to photoblog the show, the ride, the race, and the social “ but in the mean time I’ll be checking out the adventures posted on Scott’s site.

Purple Pedals

We first noticed Flickr’s Moblogging, Geotagging Bike a few weeks ago, when I spotted it in Dunstan’s photostream. Since then, Yahoo! has launched a related site and Lifehacker details how the bikes work (PDF). The bike is an Electra and built by Uncommon Projects.


We’ve discussed bikes and mobile technology before and dig what Yahoo! and crew has built.

We hope the Purple Bikes generate even more buzz, pushing innovation. Next month, we’re back in Taipei for another Intel Developer Forum, and are looking for the latest mobile devices. Maybe we’ll see one during a Mobile Social? Also see Fritz’s post on Commute by Bike.

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