Clever Camping—long distance bicycle travel with electrical assist

clever_camping.jpg The nice folks from Clever Cycles (who make the stokemonkey electric assist – Sure wish I could get one) went camping and touring up to Breitenbush Hot Springs, racking up some impressive stats along the way: Family of 3; 7 day trip; 193 miles, 2 longtail cargo bikes @ 150 lbs each; 12,000 feet of climbing and almost 12 mph the whole way. Even more impressive: a car would have to get 2,206 MPG to match the energy spent on the electrical assist.

Most impressive? Long distance, car free travel for a family. It’s unlikely that my fam will be doing this any time soon, but just having come back from 5 hrs in the van to get to the Goat Rocks the appeal of a few days trip on an electric assist bike is pretty strong. What’s your best bike/camping story of the summer (so far)?

Bike Blogs

I was recently asked to put a top-ten bike blog list together for and I pulled these from my feedreader

Readers, do you have bike blogs to add?

Note: It’s remarkable how many bike blogs there are and I’m talking about that on a Social Media Panel next month during Interbike.

Lots of Green Bikes

Wow, just look at that. That’s a warehouse of Green Bikes ready to be deployed out into Seattle’s streets. Read more about Project Green Bike. We haven’t seen that much green since Hempfest!

Uploaded by Hugger Industries | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.

NPR Marketplace

Listening to NPR Marketplace on the ride home tonight I heard Sean Cole interview Mike Flanigan of ANT bicycles. It was a refreshing viewpoint - hopefully the NPR masses will start heeding the call to two wheels! Read the transcript here or grab the podcast.

The Shitty Shoes

What’cha think? I got a few more rides in these shitty shoes? The cracked pleather, worn out Velcro – I think those shoes have seen better days. However, I’ve worn those since I first started riding and just can’t throw them away.


What gear are you attached to that maybe better to just retire? Do you have a pair of shitty shoes?

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