One of the Worst Jersey Designs?

ok, I like Hincapie as much as anyone else, wish Team High Road well, but what is up with that jersey design?

Is there some retro 80s aesthetic I’m missing? Did they just pull all the other sponsors off before it was sublimated?

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Indeed.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.  Of course, they’re still not as ugly as the Rock Racing outfits.

Yes, but Rock at least has that rock and roll aesthetic (whether you like it or not), v. being designed by someone’s nephew.

Thanks for the link to my shot.

I agree that the High Road kit is very lame, but I disagree with Christopher about the Rock kits. I think those look great. Oh well, aesthetics are subjective, but Rock Racing was the only team I saw selling a lot of merchandise at the TdG… and it sure wasn’t because they were winning. What were they, 9th in the teams classification.

I think it’s the chunky font and colors of the logotype that makes the jersey lame. What color was Rock in at TDG?

Also updated the post to include an explicit photo credit and link (omitted previously).


Rock was wearing their black and green kits for most of the race. Yesterday in Atlanta though, they showed up in special peach kits just for the final day. I know that sounds bad, but check them out, they looked pretty sharp:

I actually like the High Road kit - most jerseys are (a) way too busy and (b) way too same-ish for me. Say what you like about the retro-80s look, but it’s clean.

I do appreciate any jersey that isn’t like NASCAR and a euro, one-big sponsor. It’s the “fruity” logotype I think.

Last week on VS (Liège-Bastogne-Liège) the HighRoad uniforms looked awful when they were soaking wet. They turned gray - really bad.

White is rarely good for a kit, unless used sparingly.

How can you consider the high road kits “fruity” as compared to the argyle kits team burrito have been wearing?

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