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I’m talking about bikes, blogs, and Seattle on KMTT the Mountain this morning. Mountain listeners, we’re a blog about bike culture and curate all things bike here. Like this

We’ve been doing this for almost 5 years now: click around, check the archives, and learn more about us. Have a comment on the show? Just sign in and let us know, can also contact us.

Into bikes as well? We’re at the Bike Expo next month with Cascade and ride around [the world](/tag/mobile social worldwide) in events we call Mobile Socials.


I enjoy the blog and read it often. I like the variety of topics, too, from race to transportation.

But “curate”? Really? It’s like you’re *trying* to get Bike Snob NYC to take notice. Again.

Maybe it’s time to just go for a ride.



Digital curation is a broader term for a larger audience, like radio listeners
who don’t know us or what we do. Not sure what the Snob has to do with that, but he’s not a concern of ours.  He’s got his gig and we’ve got ours.

I’m familiar with the term.


Like I said, I enjoy your gig (and his)!. One thing that I’ve felt works *against* the generally democratic vision of cycling that your many posts demonstrate, is language that makes cycling, writing, and choosing things to write about cycling, into something, well, a little snobby.

I’m glad you have a chance to spread the good word of bikes on KMTT. Best of luck.

Ah ok. That’s more context. Our background besides cycling is in tech and we’re bloggers and old school roadies. Ironic that you think we’re snobby though. You possibly maybe reading our frustration with an industry that lacks innovation, strong product design, as not democratic. We want products like Braun, Apple, even Microsoft mouses. I started using the term curators to once again explain to marketers in this industry what it is we do. They want to categorize you into a magazine type. They’re about 2 years behind and that’s ok, but that choice in term does not indicate me or we think we’re in some elevated position.

Did you record it for those of us who work?

The Mountain did and I’m set to appear regularly. Will publish the mp3 when I get it.

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