Office Monster at Hed Cycling

While visiting our friends at HED Cycling, we stumbled onto the office glue monster. Just before getting decals, a bead of excess glue is stripped off of each wheel. This cast off material has grown over time. One day, much like frosty the snowman, some decal eyes brought the office glue monster to life. Now he stands sentinel near the dock door. Basically, every HED wheel shipped first passes under the attentive gaze of the glue monster.

Uploaded by Dapper Lad Cycles | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


Of course, then someone must ask

> “Did you sniff the glue monster?”

When in Rome.


@ DL - nobody sniffs a Glookie

And see if Hed had a social media budget, I’d give Gluebacca a blog with a webcam. 

gluebacca! I love it.

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