Obsessing (again)

A new build, a new obsession. I have had the Dia Compe 610 brake calipers on my mind all day. It’s the last gap I have in my build for my Coppi. They are simple, and damn pretty. The perfect stoppers for a retro-build - Agree???


disagree.  The CNC machining leaves them looking really bulky compared to the brakes that they are descendents of.  Compare them to this:

They are also Diacompe Gran Compe brakes, but they are the GC450 model from 1984.  They aren’t very common, but if you look around long enough you’ll find a pair.

The forged Diacompe 750s (which are still made) look better to me than the blocky modern 610s:

Well on the topic of brakes, it’s very interesting to me that the Shimano BR-MC70s brake as well as of the latest generation Cantis and they’re 28 years old. I’ve got them on my SSCX

Thanks Alex - I hadn’t seen the 750s, but I saw the cheaper 710s.  I guess I just like how clean the 610s are.  I’ll verify the reach when I build it and plug in the order.

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