Single Speed CyclocrossI’m working with Byron and MarkV on a new project bike. It’s still in-flight due to availability issues from the frame supplier, but I’m slowly amassing all the parts in my garage so it should be good to go once the frame arrives.

I get downright nuts about a new bike - I waste time shopping for the best looking cranks, the perfect wheel builder, and all the other minute details needed to make it all come together. What are you guys all building these days? Any new toys coming for the fall rainy season?

(In your best Dwight Schrute voice)

QUESTION: How good will that baby-blue frame look with the Hugger Green kit?

ANSWER: Freaking awesome!


Big Dummy. =) Is that the one you’re working on? Also I may do a P/R, and a Singlespeed Cross-check for “testing” purposes.

And, if I stumble on an extra 2k, Pugsley.

I wish I had Big-Dummy funds.  Byron is working on the Bettie 2.0 which I believe may have a little dummy to it.

I’m working on a single speed cyclocross bike/fixed gear/internal gear bike.  Then later, I’ll cut it and turn it into a travel bike with S&S couplers.

It’s cross season - time for ‘Hugger to go get muddy!

No fun new projects, but I need to do some weatherizing (ugh, the rain hit today) to the two Xtracycles. That means another couple coats of sealer on the snapdecks, fenders, and some thought given to how to keep the non-stoking stokers and gear dry. Any experienced all-weather SUBers got some tips? I guess should have asked Woody. Something tells me he’s out there rain or shine.

Oh, and lights. I was thinking about getting the reelights for always on protection, but I’m not sure if they’d mount on the back of xtracycle. Anyone done it?

Time to weather-ize for sure.  I sent a couple of my co-workers down to EBB on Friday to pick up some SKS fenders.  It’s time to turn this year’s new summer commuters into year-round commuters.

I can’t help you on the XtraCycle questions - i’m a trailer guy.

On my xtracycle I added coroplast pieces to the front and back, and zip tied them in place. An instant waterproof fender for the passengers. Coroplast cuts easily, and usually can be bought really cheep. I used a leftover sign from a political campaign, so it was free.

Great idea on the Coroplast. Kent Peterson’s install steps have been used by more than a few of my friends for a cheap winter option.  With all the election signs around, it’s a bountiful resource that would probably do the trick quite well.

RE: Reelights: I’ve got them on my full sized fixed. They’re a fantastic invention, but I doubt you’d want them on a SUB. They end up just a few inches off the axel, and drivers would be hard pressed to see the rear light between the xtracycle bags.

Front light would work fine of course, except you’ve probably got disc’s up there if you’ll be riding in the rain. I mounted mine on the right hand side for this very reason but it cuts down on the visibility a bit.

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