NYC Introduces Protected Bike Lanes

From the Washington Post today

City officials, hoping to make commutes like his less treacherous, have created a seven-block experiment of a bike lane on Ninth Avenue. Here, concrete dividers and a row of parked cars shield a bike lane from the street and its traffic. Low mini-traffic lights show when cyclists have the right of way. Bike commuters, messengers and delivery people peel down perfectly smooth paths.

The article also cites Portland as an example, how bikes are fashionable, and cites a needed change from car culture to bike culture in major cities. (Who’d a thought we’d see NYC promoting commuting!)

One of our faves is still the Calmest Road in America.


Good morning,
It just so happens that in church today I met a visitor from Manhattan who commutes daily on this route and lives in the area with a bike-happy family.  He spoke highly of it.  In the back of my (LCI) brain I was wondering “door risk?” but in addition to the lane they’ve reduced parking, calmed traffic and planted more trees.  All of which create a better environment for people and other living things - and discourage tailpipes.

Nick Hein
Morgantown, WV

If these barrier-separated bike lanes are anything like the others elsewhere in Manhattan (e.g. Herald Square in the ‘80s and ‘90s), they’re incredibly dangerous. They force users into right-hook danger, they make legal left turns all but impossible and they’re constantly obstructed by loading ramps from the backs of parked trucks. I’ll have to go down 9th next time I’m in NYC (probably next month) and see for myself, but I’ve been really unimpressed with barrier-separated lanes elsewhere.

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of bike lanes in general, but I’d gladly give up the fight against painted stripes if I could ban these horrible things forever.

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