NYC Bike Thieves

From Gothamist, How to Steal a bike in NYC. Most interesting, is all the comments about how everyone’s bike gets stolen in NYC. Maybe the Neistat Brothers should’ve tried their own Yellow Bike program and observed the response.


Having once lost the key to my bike lock when it was chained in front of a market, I know exactly how these guys feel. I was super nervous as I went at the chain (coated) with bolt cutters, thinking that somebody, probably security or the cops, will give me heat, and I couldn’t prove that the bike was mine. After a few minutes, with nobody even looking at me twice as far as I could tell, it was off and I wheeled it over and loaded it into the bed of my truck.

I don’t ever lock my bike for that reason. Granted, I don’t need to, just going into a store or coffee, but I’d worry too much. A fellow racer had his trek stolen in like 5 minutes when he went to get coffee. My bike is by my side at all times, or in the store. I’m sure the managers of Safewy don’t exactly dig it when I walk around with my bike, but hey! It’s my bike.

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