NuVinci Retrofit Kits

Tagging its product as the biggest drivetrain innovation in 50 years, NuVinci announced that Seattle Bike Supply will ship their continuously variable planetary (CVP) hub and CruiseController as a boxed and wheel kit.

Bike Hugger met with and rode a NuVinci bike while in Interbike and have been waiting for them to show up at a distributor. As cool as it is, and it is, will it only serve the “flat” markets where commuters, enthusiasts, and just people that want to ride don’t have to up any hills? In my first 4 Bettie shifts, I decided Bettie 2.0 (coming this fall) needed some sort of a different drivetrain: Nexus, NuVinci, or Rohloff.

We’re trying to get our hands on one of these kits for a detailed post and for our Bettie 2.0 tests.


I’ve been enjoying my Bettie equivalent, Morag the Xtracycle.  It has the Rohloff hub on it, and I am loving it.  Right now I am living on top of Capital Hill, and commuting to the top of Queen Ann.  When I first rode the bike I thought maybe I could use a larger chainring as I was able to top out going down hills, and the low gears seemed to low.  But, after riding up these hills I think it is just about right.  Sometimes I wouldn’t mind having one or two higher gears, but I probably shouldn’t really be going any faster on a cargo bike. 

I love that the Rohloff can shift when you are stationary.  It is very freeing not to have to worry about shifting down before I come to a stop. I can’t count the number of times I have stopped and then realized I was in too high of a gear, and just turned the grip shifter and smiled.

The only nit I have at the moment is that the 7/8 speed transition really does require no pressure to be on the pedals.  A couple of times I have left my downshift too late on some hills and been forced to come to a complete stop and put my feet down to make the shift.

Altogether, the stokemonkey combined with the Rohloff make for a very sweet cargo bike.  Now if something could just be done about the price…


I wonder if the NuVinci kit will be available in Asia or the Philippines.


I’ll check with our contact at Nuvinci and let you know.

Guys, we should be able to get you one pretty much anywhere in the world. We are just getting up and running on the 2008 model, 300g lighter and more to come!!!

Ok, if this really is as good as all that it is going to revolutionise my life completely.

I tour on a Christiania Post-box and have been making do with only 7 hub gears.  This trike weighs 75kg WITHOUT baggage. 

I tour this way because I am a musician/performer so I carry so much more than your basic camping cyclist.

I have recently looked at changing my set up, but honestly I am very (stubbornly) attached to my trike. 

Obviously this would be a retro-fit, but I already know a guy who can do this.

So I need to know prices, including shipping; suitablity and maintentence/reliabilty issues.

Could this really get me up a 1 in 10 or above without having to push?  I can manage 1 in 7 (slowly) but steeper than that….

Lads help me please, I love my ice-cream cart but do have a growing realisation that my current set up is less than ideal.

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