New Years Day with a New Bike

We start the new year with a Traitor 3 Speed, the Luggernaut.

traitor_3_speed 1.jpg


traitor_3_speed 2.jpg

Columbus Thron Steel

traitor_3_speed 3.jpg


It’s a thing of beauty. Look forward to hearing how you get on with it.

I have to give props to Traitor for what has to be one of the coolest model names in a while.

For any SS or Internal setup on drop bars - do yourself the favor and upgrade to the SRAM single speed brake levers.  They are WAY better than Tektro and have that cool pistol-grip feel. LOVE them.

Agreed and note this is a review bike—and my first day with it.

And I think there’s likely nothing stopping you from popping a Nexus hub into those sliders.

Spacing might be an issue.  I skinnied my Nexus down to 124mm, so only had to spread the frame a little on my On-One Single.

@ Andrew Martin

The SRAM SS levers are at least double the price of Tektro’s excellent R200’s I think I’ll pass.

Sure they are, but they work 5x as well.  I’ve had the Tektros on 3 bikes and I’m swapping them all out.  They are that much better.  Lever action, hand position.  It’s night and day.

Yeah, still not buying it.  “For the first time in ~8 years my components will not be the ‘top end’.”  Call me when you start running Apex on something like a Vaya.

Touche Raiyn!

In general my race bikes always have good stuff on them.  My Rain Bike is running ‘07 Rival, and my single speed cross/fixed is a $300 On One Pompino frameset with Tektro Oryx brakes and a Surly huh/Alex rim wheelset that I built. 

Seriously though - the SRAM levers are the shit.

Usually easier, and cheaper, just to change brake pads, no?

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