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Tom Slick w/Fortress Casing Flats are the bane of commuters. I hate them - they can totally ruin a day. More than one on a ride is usually grounds for a good spell of screaming. After far too many of late (3), I stepped up to some new rubber: Ritchey Tom Slick w/Fortress Casing. They are SO thick. I could barely bend them into shape to get them to stay seated on the rim. I’m not so worried about weight or even “road feel”, but if they keep me flat free for a while - I’ll be a happy man.


I flatted this morning AND MISSED MY BUS. Urgh….

slicks though? Ok as slicks? I’ve got a worn out concrete paved with exposed rocks climb to my house and any tire that doesn’t have good tread I slip.

Slime or goo or sludge or whatever will give you a better and faster ride than a thick, inflexible tire, and likely nearly as much protection.  A combo of Goo and Kevlar has worked for the glass, thorns and random metal that I have to deal with.

And we all agree that we’re not using Mr Tuffy’s anymore, right? I’ve found it’s all thick rubber, just need a big amount of rubber,

I ran Tuffy’s for years.  They worked very well for me.  Eventually, the extra weight and rolling resistance of a tire that wouldn’t properly “deform” caused me to stop using them.  I had to get a lot better about deflating tires every couple rides to pick out the embedded glass, and eventually my tires wore enough that it was a fruitless battle.  I know Conti Gatorskins have gotten good reviews as well.  I’m not sure I’m ready to add all the weight of the Slime just yet.  A little weight is ok, but I’ve got to be able to keep up with the fellas!

I’m running the gatorskins now and have had a flat, small glass puncture (there seems to be a lot of glass this season for whatever reason), but their wear amazingly well. Just last forever and roll nice. I remember running the amardillos and then taking them right off cause they rode terribly.

I’m liking Continental’s ‘travel contact’ after experiencing the same problem with repeated flats. I was using fatboy slick which were great for about 10 months then I suspect they became too weak and I started getting repeated flats. So far the conti TCs are excellent.

Another trick is to use talc when you’re putting a new tube in - helps prevent pinch flats.

I’ve been running Continental Gatorskins on my commuter for the past 850 miles and I’ve had zero flats so far.  I recommend them highly.  Good ride, decent grip wet or dry (I know plenty of folks who run them on their road bikes) and great tread life.  At 850 the front still has its center bead and the rear is just barely starting to look worn in the middle.

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