New Cargo bike on the scene: Yuba’s in the UK, USA

Yuba.gif The Yuba is rolling out in the UK and Ghana this week, and the US and the antipodes next month. The Yuba’s an integrated longbike style cargo bike, promising lateral stiffness and lots of capacity (220 kg total load). Built in horizontal racks for hauling the stuff that won’t fit in a pannier or two. Nice touches: chain guard, choice of kickstands, bikes in Africa.

As much as I love the idea of more cargo bikes here in the land of giant SUVs, I love the reality of cargo bikes in the developing world even more. It’s great to see a manufacturer actually shipping to Africa in their initial foray into the markets. Good for you, Yuba!


I’m seriously considering buying a cargo bike this summer (first step, build a shed that could fit a cargo bike, the wife is sick of my bikes taking up the second bedroom).

There are some great options out there now. I loved the Kona Ute review. Any chance we could get a bikehugger comparison/complementary review on the Yuba?

Also, anyone know of a shop (Seattle area) where we can test ride some of these? I know Aaron’s lets you test ride an extracycle. I talked to Recycled Cylces, and they will special order the Ute, but don’t have one in stock to test ride.


Thanks for writing—Alki Bike and Board should have the Utes . . . We’re asked for a sample Yuba and let’s hope we get one.

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