New British Prime Minister is a cyclist


Photo: AP via Daylife

“Loving it that we don’t do motorcades in this country. PM’s Jaguar just gave way to several bicyclists on its way to Downing Street.”


Nice of them to not get the car that follows him with his briefcase and shoes in the picture. I’ve seen so many pictures of him with his helmet on his handlebars. What is with that? At first I thought it was for photo op reasons but I’ve seen too many different pictures of it. Not wanting to wear a helmet is one thing but I find it strange to not wear it yet carry it around.

Don’t know—this on our radar from our London bike blogger colleagues.

Yeah, Cameron rides a bike, but that doesn’t mean his party’s manifesto is packed full of pro-cycling policies.

On current evidence, his government will promote cycling but only insofar as it doesn’t impinge on the car-driving minority: ie, no reallocation of roadspace, no strict liability, no serious attempts to change behaviour using taxation.

To be fair, this would be no different from what Labour has done throughout its years in government.

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