Name Change: Bike Huggr

To make ourselves more relevant in Web 2.0, we’re changing our name to Bike Huggr. Later today, the rebrand will roll out with various other two-syllable, no consonant sounds and new consumer goods like

  • Bikr Blogr - a bike blog tool
  • Huggr Luggr - a luggage line
  • Headgrr - a folding helmet line


and we’re working on wrapping old bikes with carbon fiber to speed them up.


Gr8 handl!

“Buzz,” “Buzz,” “Buzz,” go the buzzwords. WTF?  What difference does this make? I does not gets it. In a world of surfaces, where’s the substance, hmm? Think I’ll go read Dave Moulton’s blog instead (grin)...

Note the date on the post . . . (we’re a day ahead in Shanghai) and def read more blogs . . . .

That’s an April Fool’s joke and we’re making fun of all the “r” web 2.0 apps. Web 2.0 itself is a laugh. What we really want here is Web Eleventy.

hmmm… bikebook, social bike networking of course!

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