My Manhattan Project

sycip%20drawing.jpg The secret is out: I’ve got a new custom track frame in the works. It’s a project I started two years ago and is now just weeks away from completion. I designed the bike down to the millimeter and chose each and every bit of metal individually. This will be the third in a series of track frames that Sycip Designs has built for me, and I salute Jeremy Sycip for putting up with my whacked out requests over the years. Be sure to check in over the next couple weeks for updates.

Next time: the track bike with 3 down tubes


Good job brother!

A) Sycip is cool. I love those guys and Jeremy is a great, great builder.

2) Designing your own frame is always such a rush. That first ride is intoxicating and sickening at the same time- did I get it right, will it work… damn this feels good!

E) Track frames rock! Track bikes rocks! Track rocks!


i’ll be getting to the details of the new bike in later posts. the geometry is almost the same as the previous track bike;  it’s the tubeset and fork that’re the biggest differences. i’ll show you everything; keep checking for updates!

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