Muji Bikes

Wherever Mark V is, during his Japan Tour, I hope he can make it into a Muji Store to check out the bikes, like the one shown in the photo, or any in their bike catalog (pdf).

Read more about Muji in BusinessWeek.



hello - do you know if muji bikes ever did get imported into america or canada?

i have arthritis and difficulty lifting leg over a bike frame - i might be able to manage with the minimalist frame of the muji bike.

in advance, thanks for any info you may be able to offer,

Gina C.


Muji’s bikes are sold through their stores, which are only in NYC at this time (that I know of) but check out [Dutch Bikes]( imported by [Clevercycle]( or any of the “mom’s bikes” or “city bikes” that many brand names are offering. They all offer, low step over height. You may also find the minimalism of the [Coasting bikes](, but there is a weight penalty. I think a folder may work for you as well.

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