Moto Bike Crash on Mulholland UPDATED

Before each ride with SRAM during their 22 launch, we were warned about Motos on Mulholland. The post I wrote about Red Kite Prayer was on that famed highway. There hadn’t been an incident that anyone knew about, until now. From the crash video page, it says no one was hurt, but you know, two objects can’t occupy the same space at the same time. The motos on the road when were were there, all passed accordingly with plenty of room.


The Video from the trailing moto has been removed by the owner of it and deleted from this post, but commentary from Mark V below describes it.

Shows that there was a still photographer at the inside apex, right at the road’s edge. the lead motorcyclist almost certainly was looking for the photographer rather than paying attention to his line and traffic ahead. While I obviously assert the motorcyclist’s culpability in this incident, I cannot help but feel that the presence of the photographer, videographer, and the cultural phenomenon of Youtube contributed to the event. and I cannot ignore the likelihood that incidents like this involving bicyclists filming themselves plunging through pedestrians and traffic must also result in innocent bystanders being injured for no good reason.

Another update comes from Biking LA who’s got the inside story that this was a Hincapie-led ride.


the video from the trailing moto has been removed by the poster…big surprise, since it’s rather suggestive that the motorcyclist involved in the collision was distracted by the still photographer.

Or what was thought to be super awesome eventually will get them sued.

Agree—used to ride with a GoPro and found it was altering my behaviour on the bike (bicycle).  Almost cooked a corner once going for “the shot”... now it stays at home.

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