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Byron got some pre-Interbike photos of this bike at his local bike shop. I figured it to be a show bike, but apparently it’s the real deal (Frameset $725 according to the signage). I spoke with the guy who got it made. He sort of dreamt up the idea, mocked it up, and approached the marketing guys from Rainier Brewing. After some initial “gotta ask the boss” responses he got nod to go ahead. The finish quality is great and the paint is simple and pure - just like the beer (debatable).


For those of us who grew up in the area - here’s one of Rainier’s early classic commercials from our childhood.


did you look at the bike at the show?  it’s got the SRAM levers you want so bad…  plus those TRP cross cantis are awesome.  i’ll post some pix from TRP later.

I want one!  Is this going into production, or was this just a one-off?

The bike is sweet. The beer not so. Rainier beer is like making love in a canoe: it’s f***ing too close to water!

Karl…if you want one…go to your nearest Raleigh dealer today and order one.  We are doing a VERY LIMITED number of these and they are going fast. 

@MarkV - Yeah - I looked at that.  I discussed my Brake-only lever wishes with Brian.  The levers on the bike are the gutted Rival shift levers.

Who knows someone at SRAM?  Get on it!

Baron is doing a jagermeister version.  We call it the jager bomb and it comes with mardi gras beads….just kidding.  As a born and raised Seattle-ite I will always have a fondness for the marketing of Rainier from my childhood.  There is nothing more Seattle than the Rainier R and those herds of bottles running wild.

Keep Clam.

oh yes that bike is sickk, I suppose you would have to have at least a moderate hangover though, to ride that bike with a proper style.


Raleigh is nice enough to get us one or two of these bikes for an extended review. Posts to follow.

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