More on Mr. Steepy in Maui

As it was told to us, the 20% gut-wrenching climb on Maui’s best ride was named Mr Steepy after Lance said “man that’s steep!” during a ride with some locals. Mr. Steepy is the right name and the photo doesn’t do it justice. It’s a climb where you lose all momentum immediately and it hurts as bad sitting or standing. Nearing the top, the thoughts in my head were not, “man I can climb and I’m going to kick ass next season.” Instead it was more, “when will this end, I can’t climb for shit, a few more pedal strokes, and I’m at 187 bpm!

In about 30 seconds of climbing, I was at max power and heart rate and it took me nearly a half an hour on the other side of Mr. Steepy to recover. The ride itself, before and after the climb, is hard and very challenging for me because there’s no rhythm to the road. Each crest, valley, and rise is a different grade, length, and road surface.

Not until the last hour and a half, with the big tailwind, and rolling it at 30 mph did I feel good – really good.



I road this today and concur. Unreal stretch. A third of the way up I am out of the saddle and 2/3ds I’m thinking of stopping but realize that would be weak. I press on. My Garmin has crapped out so I have no idea what my heart rate is at, guessing north of 180 and then some. I spent a good 15-20 minutes getting my breathing back to a ‘normal’ level. I’m here for another two weeks, so am certain to try again. On another note, Haleakela is 10,000 foot of climbing, I did 3000 today and am beat… more Kona Firerocks I guess. Mahalo!

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