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We periodically blog about mobility, mobile tech, and devices and attend Intel Developer Forums – our Mobile Socials are an intersection of bike culture, mobile apps, and technology. We’re not at IDF San Francisco, but it’s all over the tech blogs and we’re following along.

It looks like a device between my iPhone and Macbook Pro will hit the market soon and it’s like those shown in this photo from UMPC Portal. It’s not a Macbook Air, because our bloggers need the space and power when traveling. I’d sure like to slip a thin, light, powerful computer into my Crumpler bag, ride to a meeting or a coffee shop, and get to work. Can’t do that now, but we’re getting there. I do work on the iPhone – the iPhone has blown open the mobile app market – but not for editing video, photos, or audio.

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I work across the street from Moscone West. I’ll let you know if any particularly emphatic cheering emanates from within.

hey cool! Are seeing anyone on folding bikes?

I ride with an LG P300 in a Pelican case which slides into any bag…a bit heavier than I’d like but an absolutely bullet proof case…plenty of power.

Haven’t seen any convention-goers on folders…but haven’t really been paying attention to their mode of transport.

Our inter-city subway system—BART—bans standard bikes during commute hours (dumb, I know), but I still see more full-size bikes than folders during commute hours. And I’m one of the scofflaws, occasionally.

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