Montreal’s Public Bike System

A turnkey bike solution for public transportation systems is presented on this website and by the city of Montreal. It’s not clear if the system is in operation, if this is just a brochure site, but regardless, check the details:

  • solar-power
  • wireless communication
  • completely modular

I’ve visited Montreal and it seemed like a good city to ride in. Do any of our readers from the Great North know more about this system?


Also noted on Wired.


The system has not been implemented yet, but there will be a trial this fall (40 bikes in the Plateau neighbourhood).  The full implementation will follow in the spring of 2009, with 2,400 bikes and 300 stations.

You’ll find the [official press release](,106529&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&_piref65_263689_65_106529_106529.next_page=htdocs/portlet/communiques/fr/detail.jsp&” rel=“nofollow”>,106529&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL&_piref65_263689_65_106529_106529.next_page=htdocs/portlet/communiques/fr/detail.jsp& here (in French only, but you can use Google translations to get the jist of it).

Montreal boy here, The system will be in traila. What really makes the system unique from all others in the world is that each bike station has a real time electronic system to tell you where the bikes are, where you can park them (with actual room) and notify the system admin if an overpopulation of bike will happen at a certain park spot… Of course this is one problem of the current european system (in France, a lot of people bike down from Pere Lachaise but walk up), very often you can loose 30 minutes finding an appropriate bike park space, defeating the purpose of speed. Also in the works a through downtown lane for winter biking and a downtown park facility with guards, lockers, valet and showers. Pretty much like a train station.

Excellent guys. Thanks! When I visited Montreal, I didn’t ride, but totally dug the city. Is it a cycling town?


oh ya… big time. Its not like there is a big corporate bike scene but Montreal has always been getto european and the bike scene is part of this city chaos. There’s tons of pretty girls on bike that’s for sure, they donoh ya… big time an they don’t give a squat what and how they ride it though…

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