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In a Wired article by Neal Pollack about the the great check-in battle between Gowalla and Foursquare, the Mobile Social SXSW is mentioned

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, 32-year-old Josh Williams, the cofounder of the location-based social-networking game Gowalla, is hanging out with some fellow Texans. Mellow Johnny’s, a bike shop owned by Lance Armstrong that happens to be across the street from Gowalla’s offices, is the final stop of the “Mobile Social”, one of Gowalla’s signature events at SXSWi, the annual gathering of a leisurely four-hour bike tour of Austin that starts at Brush Square Park, cruises over to the State Capitol, and ends with live music and a barbecue.

Note: Gowalla was a sponsor of the Mobile Social SXSW, along with Google, and our other partners.

We hung out with Josh and Neal for a while at that massive party he mentions in the article, then with KK+, Fierce Kitty, et al.


Photo: David Schloss

We’re more concerned here with the bike then the check in network, but the trend of mobile and social networks we spotted a few years ago continues to emerge and gadgets like the iPhone, iPad, Google Phone, Dahon’s charger and Nokia’s charger all make that more possible. @zeldman tipped us to a Read Write Web article that noticed the mobile in social media this week, as well.

After SXSW, our last Mobile Social was at Webvisions and we’re in Toronto next for NXNEi.


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