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While Intel announces all sorts of the “new” at the Intel Developer Forum, I’m thinking “does this tech apply to bikes?”

Sure we’ve got heart rate monitors, trip and speed computers, power meters, GPS, but I’m thinking an iPod bike or ultra-mobile PC that I can pop into a basket on my urban bike, like the BenQ.

There’s a Nike+iPod, why not a bike?


Check out www.rockthebike.com for proper mobile audio!

A true GPS iPhone made compatible with some of the running phone / data sites could be a start.

Or you could tour down the Rhine like this gent: http://www.solar-umpc.com/

Then there is the next generation of the Garmin Edge units… https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?cID=160&pID=10885

The new Edge devices will let you swap rides and routes and data with other users.

Only a matter of time before the platform is a cell radio, gps, and wifi unit and the software is adaptable to what you need it to do.

Of course you’ll have to keep it charged. Might want a dynohub for that. :)

Rock the bike rocks, especially with the ground effects—what I’m thinking is a dashboard, especially with [Intel Research’s work on ubiquity](http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/331432_intel13.html). And location awareness is hot right now. I can plug my iPod into my car, my computer, why not my bike, like shoes. Just riffin’ here, but I cant’ be the only one that’s thought of how to connect an iPod to a vehicle besides a car and then get playlists.

I can’t remember who did it, but there was a bike dashboard, Topeak I think, a few years ago, a nice console for your bike. So, to way geek out on it, you could have tire pressure, speed, odometer, and then location awareness with an LCD and plug your route into it. Probably more inline with Euro trekkers—right, but instead of a plastic map, you get a bright, waterproof LCD panel.

A reader found what I was talking about. It was the [SRAM Smartbar](http://www.idsa.org/idea/idea2003/S1021.htm), now just add a iPod dock . . .

As a cyclist, I think it’s so unwise to listen to music while out on the road.  It’s already dangerous enough.  Do we really need more distractions than cars, pedestrians, dogs, strollers, and potholes?  Just a thought.

P.S. love the site from what I’ve seen so far.  I found your site while searching for “lemond ass cycling”.  Greg’s disdain for Lance and Floyd is very bizarre.

Headphones in traffic can be a risk, but for the quiet, lonely trail it’s a nice option on the way into/from work.  I also listen at low volume - even with the “distraction” I bet I’m 100% more aware of my surroundings than most trail users.

I worked hard this winter to turn my iPod into a brevet cue reader. Almost worked - but I chickened out on the battery and weatherproof front, and running the scroll wheel with cold tired fingers was clumsy to call up cues. Also couldn’t get a long enough charge, and didn’t want to make a homebrew Altoids tin charger (cool though). I was also using the “notes” application to make my cues… so space was limited. (I momentarily considered a Sony eBook reader… but battery life and weatherproof ness hagning out on my aerobars got the better of that decision)

Now, with an iPod touch I could load an HTML file complete with graphics if I wanted (in Safari) or I could make a GoogleMaps version of the route. I’m sure there could be other hacks there too…

Touch screen is nice. Scrolling is much easier, screen is larger. Battery life will still be an issue - so I’d have to build a charger or something to run off the schmidt dyno during the day.

Waiting for someone to desing a waterproof - touch through case for the iPhone though. That will make it usable ‘in the wild’.


That’s exactly what I was thinking—Google Map on the iPhone works exceptionally well and would take less work than creating the route in html and pinging it on a server—a waterproof case, iPhone, flipping sideways. The iPod touch doesn’t have maps. Or possibly someone is already thinking of a bike buddy GPS with a form factor beyond Garmin and coordinates. I want routes and playlist. Mashup style, I should probably overlay my playlists on the maps and hear techno for flats, led zepplin for the big descent, and a little morcheeba when I’m bringing it home.

That’s the killer app: Ridelists.

No maps on the Touch - but I would hope to save out an HTML file local (not sure if it can be done…)

Ridelists - love it, even though I rarely listen on the road - but have considered it for middle of the night brevet inspiration.

Someone could do a GoogleMaps API mashup for that. I certnainly can’t… but there’s got to be someone out there who can get the two to work together.

Now you’ll just need that to talk to your PowerTap - so when the terrain says one thing and your power output says another, the right tune will kick on and get you in gear. ;)

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