Hugger at Work

We use a collection of mobile apps and hardware for the mobile social, including

  • Twitter Mobile — a lightweight page optimized for phones and mobile internet devices
  • Flickr emailer — a mailto function from Flickr that includes, title, subject, and tags; take a photo and email it to Flickr.
  • TwitterFeed — sends our Hugger feed to Twitter.
  • Feedburner — splices our Delicious links, posts, and photos into one feed.
  • Movable Type — our blogging engine of choice.


I post with my iPhone and MacBookPro. While not recommend for the non-experienced rider (especially in traffic), I shoot on-the-bike video with a Casio Exilim and edit that in iMovie HD (the older version). We’ll move to Final Cut Pro later in the year with the arrival of the new Canon HDs camcorders. I also expect an incredible offering of mobblogging apps, as soon as developers figure out the iPhone SDK, Intel’s Atom products start showing up, and mobile internet devices mature. We’ll see a bunch of those devices tomorrow here in Shanghai.


Do you have a feed for just the blog posts without the Flickr photostream?

I love your posts but having an item appear in my feed reader every time you post a picture really starts to clog things up.


Good question and I just toggled the photo splice to only the most recent photo—during photo heavy blogging like our shanghai trip that can get tedious. I’m also working on why twitterfeed is posting duplicates.

Yo, just ordered my new camcorder, card, wide-angle lens, and microphone.  unfortunately, the mic is still about a month away, so i won’t get the audio improvement just yet.  still, this is gonna be way cool.

Update: just turned off twitterfeed and turned down the photo splicing even farther. Apologies for the duplicate posts and photo overloads.

Thanks a ton for that, DL!  (although the flickr photos are still showing up in Google Reader as of the Compal Ubuntu shot at 9:34 am EST today…)

that’s should be the last one that shows up—the splice is still on, but with tighter parameters

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