Maybe the Industry Understands Women Just Fine?

Remember the other day when I was complaining about how the bike industry doesn’t understand women and how buying a bike is intimidating to some? Color me wrong. Just got a tweet about this and clearly everyone is now on the same page about the topic of women and cycling.


I’m a woman who cycles and this seems smutty to me. More like men’s fantasy than a real woman’s reality.

Same argument we’ve been having for centuries.

We need to be here:

What was the tweet? Need some context.

I get the feeling the tweet is best left anonymous.

Speaking strictly for myself, not all hetero male cyclists… this does nothing for me, but the Maxim/lad mag thing never did, either.

Not being a woman.. I have absolutely no opinion what so ever. Nope. Not at all.

I do wish I was that toned tho. Jeeze.

I really hope this is meant to be satirical. The discomfort of the women in this film as they try to fit a mold that is clearly not “comfortable” to them is so palpable, it’s painful to watch.

From the days of [Jacquie Phelan]( with her crazy stockings to [Paolo Pezzo]() showing some cleavage to *wants to be a model, but is a bike racer [Liz Hatch](* or [Venus Williams wearing lingerie on court]( and Dana Patrick sexing up SuperBowl ads—women athletes have balanced sex appeal with their sport and that’s up to them. The reason Lindsey Vonn arrives on the podium looking that good? She’s done up before the run. We’ve got a Lingerie League here in Seattle and Rat City Rollergirls.

That has nothing to do with women’s fit or the industry making bikes for women. That’s marketing and our odd Madonna/Whore complex in the States. Not sure what David’s point here is.

I think they took the term “bike porn” a little too literally.

You expressed (partially) what I wasn’t brave enough to, Byron.

I think fantasies are normal and, in fact, healthy. They should, and do, go both ways between men and women (or whatever combination thereof, for that matter). If people want to participate in them, good for them. If not, that’s cool too.. But try not to judge too much.

To me, words like, “smut”, “porn”, and “whore” seem to generally stem from some sense of shame. Shame in the person using the term more than in the person being described.

All that said, I like bikes. I also like women who like bikes. Clothing.. I’m indifferent to.


Really I just thought that this was funny timing to have gotten a link to this while we were talking about women in cycling.

I’m not sure the pinup calendar mentality adds to the feeling of comfort that women have when entering bike stores, but I’m totally not opposed to the human form, I think this particular project doesn’t really celebrate the strength of the athletes at all, it’s more objectifying them.

There are some incredibly beautiful, evocative, striking images of athletes, this one of Marla Streb comes to mind, not because she’s nude, but because she’s so god damned powerful. (Those thighs could probably break carbon frames)

Or contrasted with this of Lance in a similar pose (I think Marla’s shot is better)

or this from outside

Mostly though I thought that the video was just a ridiculously over-the-top apropos social commentary. I mean listen to that ridiculous music!


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