Matt Haughey’s Head

Matt Haughey in the Media Room Matt Haughey is a fellow cyclist and bike racer. We cosponsor the Buy Local Team. He’s also internet famous and a colleague who blogged with us during Interbike.

Last night Matt tweeted:

I passed out at home had a seizure, went to ER, did a cat scan and they found a growth. Awaiting surgery in the next week to remove it.

and the community responded with well wishes. We tweeted too and are sending him a care package today.

Get well Matt. Fix your head. The interwebs are a better place because of you.


Matt has built a number of important websites including MetaFilter which many people know about.  But some of his best work was done on PVRBlog, a site that I think was important to the success of TiVo in the tech community.

It wasn’t always obvious to an East Coaster like me that he was big into cycling (I just discovered Stronger, Fitter, Faster), but that’s another reason to like him from my perspective.

Thanks for pointing his illness out to the cycling community.  Get well Matt.

That’s correct and I noted that in my book about blogging. Matt and I rode together this Summer when was laying down all those miles and also at Interbike. Interestingly there’s so many of us like Matt and Me: bloggers, designers developers that are also into the bike. Of course, the bike industry has not clue about us or the demographic, but whatevers.

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