Manpris are the Spring Fashion

Manpris (that’s capri pants for men, but we don’t call them that) are def in and the longer the better. Seen here are Keith and me comparing our ‘pris.

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I call them shants in public.

Can’t fool me - those are highwaters.

I’m too poor to buy new ones so i just take my ratty old pants and make them into cutoffs.

the ones i’m wearing right now though had a rip up to just under the knee. so they look like long shorts :o

Unless your name is Rafael Nadal - you can’t have!

I see Nike [calls them 3/4 pants]( instead of Manpris.


Stevil at Swobo calls them Shpants, a term coined by Arj Barker ( 

I just call them knickers and highly recommend the [Merino wool Swobo Bruno’s](

Stevil, like the wind, periodically blows through the hugga. The [Mega ‘pris]( are from Rapha; however, they just call them shorts.


Byron - Ibex too calls them Shants but they might be just a reaaally long short but their El Fixie definitely qualifies as a man-pri.

i prefer to call them knickerbockers.

The industry can call them whatevers, but they’re def capri pants for men. I’ve got a pair of [Mountain Hardwear Basin 3/4 Pant](∏=2400&cat=1284&viewAll=False)  that are very comfortable. They call them climbing pants, but they’re really good cycling “knickers;” off the bike *man-pris*. Check the description from their site

>Call it a long short or a man-pri, but this ¾ length climbing pant is cut to move, protects your knees and keeps your feet in view.

And let’s not forget “Pedal Pushers.”

I vote for “knickers.”  Swrve makes some nice ones.

They’ve been common warm-weather wear for men in much of Europe and at least in east-central Canada for most of the decade, and the usual name for them has been 3/4 pants: I’ve never heard any of the weird inventive word-mashes some of the posts here mention…

What would also be nice, now that 3/4s are a long-established item of male warm-weather apparel, would be to have pants that are less baggy and slightly snugger at the bottom end, like the ones often worn into the mid- and late 1700s. I think those would be very smart looking attire for cyclists.

The Rivendell MUSA (made in USA)knickers are the best value I’ve found in bikeable wear.


3/4 pants pffft! sounds like just 3 quarters of a pant v. Man-Pris!, but a pull-string bottom would rock for on the bike.

I’ve been wearing Capt Dave capris on the bike for awhile. Good strong rip-stop fabric, drawstring bottoms, and they’re inexpensive!

Imported straight from Spain, they call them “Pantalones Pirata” or Pirate Pants.

Kuhl makes a great lightweight pair (again, designed for climbing) that are gusseted and have a zippered pocket on each side to keep those pesky keys from coming to any harm.

I’d be all for calling them knickers, except as a former Briton, “knickers” are ladies undergarments.

When I lived in New England, we used to call them “courier pants”. I don’t know how widespread that term is.

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