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Dan Rubin on assignment for us with a Tern and Lumia during SXSW

Ever since we launched Bike Hugger Magazine for iPhone/iPad, we’ve been hearing from people who wanted to get it on their devices too. And as of Issue 10, published yesterday, our magazine is available on iTunes and all devices as subscription-based web content: $4.00 per issue or $16.00 annually.

I can talk all day about how readers have to unlearn a decade of the “free” habit or why it’s ad free. But it’s like planting a tree. Best is 5 years ago, second best is today. And how every little bit of business in web content pays for the next bit of business. What I’m most excited about though is how good our mag content looks across devices. For the web design developer geeks, it’s RWD sure, and also wrapped in a subscribable container for us by Tugboat Yards. You can browse the issues and test a free sample to see what I mean.

Tugboat is a platform for publishers to get support directly from readers. It’s a big tip jar to help us pay our mechanics, editors, and photographers, or underwrite a whole issue if you’re feeling generous with deep pockets.

That was cold

It was 38 degrees during this shoot

So after 10 months of micropublishing a bike magazine, and to use a group ride analogy, we’re asking readers to go up front and take a brief pull so we can work even harder.

I’ll be thinking about that ask on the ride in the rain today.


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