As our readers know, we’ve got a wheel fetish and Ric Hjertberg in a lab coat with a set of prototypes gets our interest.

Full report is coming – Andrew got an hour with their team and returned in full-on engineering geek mode.

They’re from Madfiber, Ric’s latest company. Bike Intelligencer profiled them last month.

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My gosh, these wheels are being pimped on every single cycling website out there.

I’m hiring their PR people if I ever do a product launch.

I noticed and we choose to engage because they’re local. Much of it is because of the Wheelsmith name attached to it and wheels are always interesting, like smartphones on the gadget blogs. I don’t know how much of their marketing is deliberate I think not much, but where they are being smart is not giving product out to everyone. Create demand with tight supply. My preconceptions are the name sounds like a Xtreme cereal and not sure about Spinergy looking blades. If you’re out to build lightweights/lew maybe do something else with spokes, but really what else is there besides spokeless.

I agree about the blades.  I’m curious to see how this wheel handles failure testing to meet race standards - the construction is very different from other all carbon spoke systems like on the carbones or lightweights and are far more reminiscent of banned designs.

I really think the market is tapped out and the big deals (from the rider perspective) are actually in those extremely inexpensive OEM carbon with alu clincher rims you can get out of asia right now for cheap.  I got a set of what are more or less 404 clinchers (before they went to the dimple texture)  and they’ve ridden well for a while.

For the cost of building a set with OEM rims it makes sense to use them as a general wheel even.

For the aesthetic and the sound, the cheap OEM carbon options are pretty cool, but most of them still cost close to $1k and weight in at almost 2000g.  That’s probably ok for steady state TT sort of stuff, but when you spin up a pair of <1200g wheels you really feel the difference.

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