London Messengers and Commuters

Rode with the commuters and messengers this morning. Talked with several commuters about their ride and all of them were quite proud of the London Cycling Campaign and noted how much it had changed in the past 3 years.


I don’t doubt there’s still much work to do … other cyclists offered help. With the roundabouts, one-way streets, and traffic, I was lost and that was obvious. I rode along the Mall, Hyde Park, and more.


I’ve ridden through a fair number of roundabouts in Sydney and Issaquah (!?!) and the only system that makes sense to me is to (even if only temporarily) adopt Forrester’s Effective Cycling approach.

Be a vehicle, take the lane unappologetically, signal your intentions and follow though.

I always get over to the right (or left in the British Empire) as soon as it’s feasible and give a thank you wave to whomever I may have delayed, and I can’t recall having gotten any aggressive crap from drivers at roundabouts (elsewhere on the roads? - of course!). 

Taking the middle of the lane may be the kind of road behavio(u)r that brands us as arrogant, but I think it’s understood, that in a handful of road situations it’s prudent and necessary.

good luck out there.

I’d agree with the previous commenter, take the primary position (middle of the lane) in the appropriate lane, as if you were a motorised vehicle at roundabouts.

There’s a pretty good cycle commuter forum here:

Made up mostly of UK commuters, a large number of whom are in London.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay!

See this video of us on a [Girona Roundabout]( that was much less trafficked. We had no problem here in London and just did exactly what the comments above say. I also found the “look right” and “look left” traffic markings helpful. For bikes, there are lots of signs, arrows, and some lanes. Yes, traffic is intense, but we didn’t experience any particular issues.

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