London Bike Route Signs

After some consideration, I’ll just ride all 3 routes tomorrow.



All 3 routes and what…3mi? :)

Riding in London is probably best done just getting on a road, and riding.  No matter which direction, you’ll end up somewhere cool and probably see something that was once in a movie with Hugh Grant.

Exactly . . . I don’t know yet what the extent of those routes are or if they drop you right into a busy intersection or whatever, but I’ll find out.

Most of these “cycle routes” are just regular roads. Nothing different from normal busy London roads. Except with maybe the odd American tourist cycling along it to give the “white van-man” something to aim at!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun in London. Be safe.

The signs did help me get back to my hotel and find my way around, I took a wrong turn, I think rode around in a circle a few times, so the blue London Bike Network signs and got back on track. Riding in London is intense.

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