Like a Dram of Scotch

scotchChuckled at this Scotch review and then thought, wait, I think I can make that work for a bike.

Imagine a bike shop several hours after the torches were turned off. Riding this bike, you get a whiff of acrid smoke, sweat, paint, distillates, and the personality that went into the frame. You can still see the fingerprints on the tubes from the hands that built it and know you can pronounce his name.”

All I got so far, but working through it.

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Reviewing a bike like Scotch: in a shop after the torches were lit, a whiff of acrid smoke, sweat, distillates, & the builder’s personality.

Also, the Macallan Oak 10 isn’t anything like warm strudel.


It’s an interesting notion, but how much do we think about bikes in terms of smell and taste? On the other hand, it’s at least as valid as “laterally stiff yet vertically compliant.”

Right and that’s where the review with the Scotch analogy would continue to the stiffness is classy and not just diluted from a stronger batch of frames; the blend of tubes brings a balanced ride that allows you to drop into a corner and accelerate with confidence.

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