Lemond Drops a Bomb!

I’ll interrupt our normal bike blogging for stunning testimony today from Greg Lemond at the Landis arbitration hearing. Lemond told the courtroom that Landis implicitly admitted to him that he doped, that Landis’ business manger intimidated him before his testimony (and was fired on the spot in the courtroom), and that he was sexually abused as a child.

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(from the Dark Side of American Cycling) “A bitter and jealous old champion who has never received the adulation he feels he deserves, a dominant personality with a carefully protected image who is fighting to keep his name out of the mud that the rest of the cycling world is stained with, an Olympic champion who appears to have been a total fraud and an ornery Mennonite who’s business manager is pitifully trying to blackmail the bitter old champion with his childhood trauma.”

And my post from last year on not believing anything anymore.

It’s remarkable to see cycling pushed to the front of the sports sections, as seen in this screenshot from Google News.



Lemond gets less appealing every year.  Does anyone believe that Lemond, himself, didn’t do all sorts of drugs to turn himself around after struggling terribly after his injury to dominating the Tour in a month?

Lemond is going to remember for being an ass, not for being the first American to win the tour.  It’s really too bad.

I remember thinking the same thing during the SCA Promotions lawsuit that why doesn’t Greg just run his bike company . . what’s the point. I mean, old champions should just fade away, do a sports show once in a while, etc. But in this case, to see him lay it out like that was certainly compelling, dramatic, odd and I don’t know what to think.

Greg spoke at an event here in Seattle years ago and I asked him what he thought of the “two pelotons” and he said, referring to Riis, “how do you go from a Domestique to a Tour winner in one season?”

I do think he thinks he’s doing the right thing. It would be just reckless to put your company on the line like that. You can just imagine the discussions at Trek when Greg and Lance were at war.

I am wondering when Lance is going to come out in this trail.

I had to pick my jaw up off the desk halfway through the Velonews story. Lemond, while making me like him less (boo hooo, my first cycling hero who made me love a bike!!), did the right thing in confronting blackmail. IMO, of course he did drugs, along with every other pro cyclist. How can we possibly believe anything else? Now, let’s move on. How, how, how could Geoghegan be so stupid as to call from his own cell? I can’t even look at this trainwreck anymore. It’s sickening.

I just can’t get over the fact that he would go after his own country men who have rejuvinated this sport.  Especially Lance, who let people test him daily if they wanted to.  He had nothing to hide.  Accusation after accusation by a L’equipe kept coming to the front, but no other source could ever back these accusations up.  Lemond wants his name to be remembered, and seems to care less about American Cycling today and more about his personal image as a cyclist.  Lance Armstrong is an amazing cyclist, who ironically probably idolized none other than Greg Lemond growing up.  Maybe Lemond needs to understand that he pretty much started American Cycling, and that Armstrong just took it to the next level.  I wish they could both realize that it is not about their image, but about the image of American Cycling.  Back off Lemond, and relish the moments that Lance has brought to our country and cyclist everywhere.

I’m hearing both sides of this from lots of cyclists. It’s either shut up Lemond or he’s doing the right thing.

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