How did I ever find my way home before this little guy? I’ve always relied on inexpensive LED lights to navigate the dark trail - mostly because I was too cheap and thought my eyes were plenty good. There are a number of comparable lights out there these days. $200 buys a lot of lumens these days compared to the halogen options of just a couple years back.


Like most of the Seattle - I have no power.  I’m logging in from U Village Zoka so chances are comments won’t get posted until Puget Sound Energy gets a chance to re-string some of the power cables that are lying all over the area.

The Vega is a nice light. For the money, though, the DiNotte Ultralight 5W is a better choice. The problem I have with the Vega is its self-contained proprietary battery. Every rechargeable battery has a limited number of charge/discharge cycles before it stops taking a charge. When that happens, the Vega will have to go back to the factory. The DiNotte uses rechargeable AAs, so new batteries are available everywhere. Plus, AA is the most common size, so as battery technology improves it will trickle down to my light. The light I have shipped with 2300ma batteries——I now run 2600s, and have increased my run time. DiNotte also offers a line of lights with Lithium Ion batteries, too.

I have to agree with DiNotte lights, I use both the commuter helmet light and the Tail light.  It’s easy to keep a supply of batteries on hand, if I forget to recharge, I can just grab some backup batteries.  Not to mention that the lights look pretty sweet as well.

DiNotte is bringing out a 13W light in 2007. It’s supposed to put out 500 lumens. It has 3 Luxeon LEDs in a small package, with a Li-Ion battery. Won’t be cheap but should be very bright and have a small footprint.

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