LED lights at CES

LED%20lights.jpg I saw several vendors displaying long flexible strips of LED lights, as seen in the video I shot at CES. They all seem to run on 12V power sources, so they would be adaptable to bicycle use. One vendor had strips that changed colour in waves, but those required a controller about the size of a Twinkie.

If the system was already bike-ready, I’d be buying it for my girlfriend’s bike, just like the dekochari bikes in Japan. That would be so pimp, I can’t even describe it.

Pilot EL-Tech (Shenzen) Ltd displayed the multi-colour strips.

logisys also had single colour LED strips as well as the products.


If the [rock-the-bike](http://www.rockthebike.com/) guys haven’t seen this already, they’ll dig it and I’d like to wrap the rear of Bettie in these lights for safety

All 12VDC computer lights are bike-adaptable.

Just replace the molex connector with a 9V battery connector, and use a 8xAA holder (with rechargeable batteries), and you’re set.

You can use a bike bottle to hold the battery pack.

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