Lazer Urbanize: Dorky Helmet

Readers have seen the Lazer Urbanize in various photos and a movie for the past few weeks. I’ve been getting lots of questions about it so let’s just get this out of the way: it’s a dorkenheimer helmet, dorkiest we’ve seen, but works and I dig it.


Reactions to the helmet so far include

  • Cool! Is it?
  • Storm Trooper
  • Tron!
  • Space Duck
  • Twiki from Buck Rogers (not Twiggy from Battlestar Galactica)

I dig it because we live bikes here. It takes the same amount of chutzpah to walk into a grocery store fully kitted up in Lycra as it does to wear bright pocket pants and carry a folded bike around. Same thing when transporting the kids around on the Bettie.

We’re bike dorks and this helmet was made for us.

The Urbanize moves a surprising amount of air with a venturi effect, but not when you’re standing still. The built-in lights are functional, not very bright, but do add visibility. The best function is you can just put the helmet on your head, spin the Rollsys dial and it’s snug.

A flaw is when it’s raining hard, water accumulates on the visor and eventually dumps into your face. As skater-style helmets become more fashionable, the Lazer is distinctive and a helmet choice we wear because we can.

Also see David’s review of the Lazer 02 RD Helmet.


Dudes. That is “Twiki” from Buck Rogers. Memorable for two reasons: 1. Voiced by Mel Blanc of Looney Tunes / Merrie Melodies fame
2. Erin Grey in blue electric jumpsuits.

Don’t the guys argue that helmets should be shaped to mimimize how likely they are to catch on the ground (i.e. torque your neck)? This one looks like a great way snap a vertebra or two ....

And round is dorky too :-)

Good catch and corrected in the post; interestingly, many others confuse the two as I found that image on Google.

Possibly—Lazer’s been making [helmets for 90 years](; I’ll trust they know what they’re doing.

@gregsea - Helmets also don’t really do anything if you leave the straps as farked as Byron here does. That’s not going to snap any vertebra as it rolls away from his traumatic brain injury.

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