Landis Tests Positive

It seems ages ago that Floyd Landis made his incredible comeback on Stage 17 of the 2006 Tour de France. Yet, as we approach the 2007 tour, Landis still find himself in the heat of charges surrounding his positive tests for doping. This afternoon, NPR aired an article citing additional positive tests from Landis’ back-up samples taken throughout various other stages.


Doesn’t it defeat the purpose to have the same French lab do the re-test? Why deny Floyd’s reps right to observe the testing? At this point, I think most would have prefered the retest supervised and at another lab.

I find it difficult to follow and have resolved to just wait and hear. Like when it first happen and I posted about how I don’t trust anyone in the sport anymore. I hope he isn’t guilty and it looks like he isn’t with a suspect lab, procedures, and more but who knows.

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